What is Damar Tantra Yoga ?


Shivambu-Kalpa-Vidhi is a way of living, as it is an off shoot of ancient Yogic Tantra. Hence introduction of Shivambu is the story-march of traditional Indian healing techniques from Lord Shiva’s time. This is such a long period of time that any art of healing which could emerge alive through this period, certainly cannot be called as an ordinary procedure of just urine drinking.

During initial phase of inception, perhaps Amaroli (Shivambu Kalpa) was practiced by spiritual aspirants, for (Deha) Body and (Manas) Mind purification, which later developed as separate discipline – (Shivambu Chikitsa) Auto Urine Therapy. There are many references found in contemporary literature and all those are also related to spiritual way of living. In India, 5,000 year old document has been found which describes the practice of Auto Urine Therapy. In this document, there are many references to herbs and medicines still used in present day Ayurveda. This document consists of 107 verses (slokas), is called Shivambu- Kalpa-Vidhi (the method of drinking urine in order to rejuvenate) and is part of a document called Damar Tantra.

Shivambu literally means the water of Lord Shiva, the highest god in the Indian pantheon. The name Shiva means auspiciousness.  Following are the verses of the Damar Tantra text, in which the God Shiva begins to speak with his wife Parvati.              

O parvati! I shall expound to you the recommended actions and rituals of Shivambu Kalpa that, confer numerous benefits. Those well versed in the scriptures have carefully specified certain vessels for the purpose. (1)

Utensils made from the following materials are recommended: Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Brass. Iron Clay, Ivory, Grass, wood from scared trees, Bones, Leather and Leaves. (2,3).  The Shivambu (one’s own urine) should be collected in a utensil made of any of these materials. Among them clay are better, and copper ones are by far the best (4)

The  intending practitioner of the therapy should abjure salty or bitter foods, should not over-exert himself, should take a light meal in the evening should sleep on the ground and should control an masters his senses. (5)

The sagacious practitioner should get up when three quarters of the night have elapsed, and should pass urine while facing the east.  (6)

The wise one should leave out the first and the last portion of the urine, and collect only the middle portion. This is considered the best procedure. (7)

Just as there is poison in the mouth and the tail of the serpent, O Parvati, it is even so in the case of the flow of Shivambu. (8)

Shivambu (Auto-urine) is heavenly nectar, which is capable of destroying senility and diseases. The practitioner of Yoga should take in before proceeding with his other rituals. (9)

After cleaning the mouth, and performing the other essential morning functions, on should drinks one’s own clear urine, which is the annihilator of senility and diseases. (10)

One who drinks Shivambu for the duration of a month will be purify internally. Drinking it for two months simultaneous and energizes the senses. (11)

Drinking it for three months destroys all diseases and free from all troubles. By drinking it for five months, on acquires divine vision and freedom from all  diseases. (12)

Continuation of the practice for six months makes the practitioner highly intelligent and proficient in the scriptures and in the duration is seven months, the practitioner acquires extraordinary strength. (13)

If the practice is continued for eight months, on acquires a permanent glow like that of gold and if it is continued for nine months, one is freed from tuberculosis and leprosy. (14)

Ten months of this practice makes one a veritable treasury of luster. Eleven months of it would purify all the organs of the body (15)

A man who has continued the practice for a year becomes that equal of the sun in radian. He who has continued it for two years conquers the elements Earth. (16)

If the practice is continued for three years, one conquers the element Water, and if it is continued for four years, the elements Light is also conquered. (17)

He who continues the practice for five years conquer the element Air, and he who continues it for seven years, conquers pride. (18)

Continuation of the practice for eight years enables one to conquer all the important elements of Nature, and continuation of it for nine years frees one from under the cycle of birth and death. (19)

One who has continued the practice for ten years can fly through the air without effort. One who has continued it for eleven years is able to hart h voice of his soul (his inner self). (20)

He who has contended the practices for twelve years will live so long as the moon and the start last, He is not troubled by dangerous animals such as snakes, and no poisons can kill him. He cannot be consumed by fire, and can float on water just like wood. (21)

O Goddess! I should tell you now about other variants of the therapy. Please listen attentively. He would takes powered amrita (gaduchi, Tinospora Condifolia) mixed with Auto-Urine habitually for six months, is freed from all disorders and acquires happiness. (22, 23 contd.)

Powdered Haritaki (harade, Terminalia Chebula) should be assiduously taken with Shivambu. This combination destroys senile degeneration and all diseases. If this practice is continued for all year, it makes one exceptionally strong (23, 24)

One masha (about one gram) of surplus should be taken along with Shivambu every morning. He who continues this practice for three years will live as long as the moon and the stars last. His urine and feces will whiten gold. (25)

The powder of the koshtha fruit should be makes properly with Shivambu and taken in the prescribed manner in these practice is continued for ten years one body baby breathe from the remains of old age such as wrinkles in the skin and widening that of the hair one of the choir this the state of a thousand in the birds and use as long as the moon and the stars continue to exist. (26)

If powdered pepper and Triphala Choorna (mixed powder of Terminalia Belavica, Terminalia Chebula and Phylonthus Emblica) mixed with Shivambu are taken regularly, one acquires a radiance like that of the gods. (27)

The essence (bhasma) of mica and sulphur should be taken with Shivambu along with a little water. This cures all disorders caused by the Vata humor. He who takes such a mixture regularly becomes strong, acquires a divine radiance, and can cheat time (escape the ravages of time). (28, 29)
He who takes Shivambu daily and excludes salty, sour and bitter foods from diet acquires divine accomplishments quickly. Freed from all ailments, and possessing a body comparable to that of Shiva himself, he disports himself like the gods in the Universe for an eternity. (30, 31)

He who regularly takes the juice of leaves of the neem tree by itself as well as mixed with Shivambu, attains the state of a yogi, and acquires splendor comparable to that of the gods. (32)

Anyone can rid himself of all physical ailments by taking Shivambu regularly with the powdered bark of the neem tree and powdered pumpkin for the duration of a year. (33)

Shivambu should be taken with lotus seeds, honey and mustard seeds. This will assuredly produce lightness of the body, rendering it energetic. (34)

Equal quantities of Mahua fruit seeds and Triphala Choorna (sees Verse27) taken daily with Shivambu will eliminate the possibility of senile degeneration and all diseases. (35); He who takes rock salt mixed with an equal quality of honey every morning, and follows it up with Shivambu comes to possess a body with divine attribute. (36)

A mixture of equal parts of sulphur, powdered anvla (Phylonthus Emblica) fruits and powdered nutmeg (Myristica Beddomci) should first be taken, and that should be followed by drink of Shivambu. This will eliminate all diseases. (37)

A daily diet of milk accompanied by the drinking of Shivambu, continued uninterruptedly for seven years not only eliminates all diseases, but also nourishes and straight in the body (38)

And he who takes the powdered amritaka, (vachhnag, Tinospora condifolia) following it up with drinking of Shivambu can certainly conquer death. (39)

And he who drinks he’s own urine to which honey and Crystal sugar have been added is relieved of all diseases in six months. His speech becomes pleasing and he becomes clear-headed. (40)

He who first takes piece or powder of dry ginger, and drinks Shivambu after that, certainly conquers diseases. (41)

  By drinking Shivambu every morning and chewing leaves of Nirgundi (Viter Nirgundo) after drinking a Yogi attains strength, becomes far-sighted and succeeds in all his undertakings (42)

The Yogi who applies a past of Mansheel ground with Shivambu all over his body frees himself from diseases and he’s hair becomes black (i.e. in spite of age). (43)

And now O Parvati, I shall explain to you the process of massaging with Shivambu such massage carried out according to the prescribed procedure enables the Yogi to attain success in his practice of yoga (I.e. in his endeavors towards spiritual development. (44)

Shivambu should first be taken in an earthen pot and stored. When only one-fourth of it is left, the cool concentrate should be used to massage the body. (45)

There are certain mantras which are to be recited while accepting, drinking and producing (passing) it, of I am now apprising you. While taking Shivambu into your hands this mantra should be recited:

Mantra : Aum Hrim Klim Bhairavaaya Namasha.
This mantra should be recited while drinking it:

Mantra : Aum Hrim Klim Uddamareshwaraaya Namaha.
And this is the mantra to be recited while passing urine.

Mantra : Aum Sarvashristiprabhava Rudraaya Namaha. (46, 47)

Having thus taken Shivambu, the Yogi should apply it to the body, which action abundantly nourishes the limbs, and cures all disorders. The Yogi who follows these instructions achieves pre-eminence among all Yogis, and his movements become totally unrestricted. He acquires the strength of a thousand elephants, and is able to Obtain (and digest) any food with he desires (48, 49)

He who foolishly uses urine that has not been matured as instructed for massaging the body, finds that his disorders get worsened, and all his limbs becomes weakened due to loss of muscular tone (50)

Therefore urine that has not been matured or aged should never for massaging the body. On the other hand, O Goddess, if property matured urine is us for the purpose, all attainments are within one’s grasp. (51)

By drinking Shivambu and using it for massage in accordance with the prescribed procedure the practitioner is freed from aging and death. (52)

The urine and feces of on who drinks Shivambu regularly can impart a white color to gold. The practitioner who uses a mixture of Shiro-amrit, dew and Shivambu for massaging his body acquires great strength, and freedom from all ailments. (53)

The Yogi who drinks his own urine every morning regularly for three years, and abjures salty, hot and bitter foods for that period will conquer lust, and be the master of his desires. (54)

O Dear One! He who is unyielding in his practice of taking roasted grams with jiggery, drinking Shivambu and massaging his  body with it for six months acquires the ability to see clearly things situated at great distance, to be able to smell them from great distance; he is not subject to ailments, and his body becomes light and supple.(55,56)

O consort of the chief among the Gods! He who takes on gram of Piper Longum and one gram of black pepper every day, and follows it up with a drink of Shivambu, will in only a month acquire a pleasing voice, and conquer all bodily ailments (57).

The outstanding practitioner who regularly takes powered dry ginger, and then drinks Shivambu, becomes exceptionally strong and capable of great exploits. He becomes as strong as a thousand elephants, and his youth will tempt even the Apsaras to entreat for his favors. (58)

O Consort of Shiva ! One who drinks Shivambu after taking roasted and powdered Abhaya (Haritaki, Trminalia Chebula) succeeds in purifying his whole body, his body comes to resemble the bodies of gods, and he acquires a cheerful frame of mind. (59)

And he who sedulously drinks Shivambu after taking the mixture of equal  part of the powders  of Amrita, Triphala  (see verse 27), Kau, dry ginger, cum in seeds and the roots of Piper Longum,  and keeps to a diet  of only and milk will within a year develop an understanding of the Scriptures. (60)

One who follows this practice for three years acquires great strength and velour; he becomes a veritable go on Earth. He becomes omniscient, acquires all spiritual attainments, can expound in the Scriptures and Science which he has not studied, and all the three worlds are visible to him. (61)

The practitioners who drinks Shivambu with the powder of the five parts of the sharaopunka (Devnaal) plant, acquires pre-eminence among the Yogis, and enjoys spiritual ecstasy. (62)

O Great Goddess! Powders of dry ginger and crystal sugar should be mixed with ghee and honey and taken with the juice of Nirgundi (Vitex Nirgundo) leaves, followed by a drink of Shivambu. If this is done for a month, one becomes strong in one’s limbs and acquires immeasurable physical powers. After one year of this practice, one enjoys all the beneficial fruits of Yoga (63, 64)

Equal amounts of black and white seasame seeds should be taken with Karanj (Pongamia Glabvi) seeds and juice of Neem lives, and this should be followed by the drink of Shivambu. The practitioner who follows these instructions will, within a fortnight, achieve perfection of body (65).

Having drunk 1/32 gram of opium roasted on an open fire with Shivambu, the wise man can enjoy sexual intercourse as and then he pleases. One who takes this drink regularly acquires complete control over the ejaculation of semen, over his breathing, and over the strong passions of lust and anger; he will be able to travel over the whole earth for a long time (i.e. he will live a long and active life). (66, 67)

O Goddess! Triphala choorna (see verse 27) mix with Virgundi(Vitex Nirgundo) and both the varieties of turmeric should be taken with Shivambu. He who does this for three months becomes omniscient, capable of discerning fine distinctions, and as lustrous as a crore of Kamadevas. (68)

One who regularly follows the practice of licking a paste of Bhringaraj (Elipta Errecra) and honey, and drinking Shivambu after that, will in six months be able to cheat time (becomes free from the ravages of age) and will become far-sighted. (69)

He who regularly takes a powder of the Neem tree, the roots of Chitraka (Plumago Zylania) and the root of Piper Longum with Shivambu attains such spiritual eminence as to deserve to be worshipped even by the gods. (70)

The root of red Apamarg (Achyranthus Aspara), and the root of Chakramarda (Chenopadium Albium) should be drunk with Neem juice, and this should be followed by a drink of Shivambu. One who does this regularly will remain free from all diseases and he will not be subject to the effects of old age such as wrinkles or greying of hairs which will remain back. He will be able to walk a distance of ten yojanas (125 Kilometers) without effort. He will be able to hear sounds from great distance and thus come to know about distant events. He will be able to divine other people’s thoughts, and O Goddess! Young women of royal blood with faces rivaling the moon in beauty will be attracting towards him. (71, 72, 73)

He who likes a grain of the Juice of white kaner (Nerium Odorum) and then takes a drinking of Shivambu everyday will be free from epilepsy (and mental disorders) within a year. (74)

The juice of white Gunja(Abrus Preatorius) seeds, the juice of Sharapunkha (Dvala) leaves, the powdered seeds of Chakramarda (Chenopaium Album) and the powdered roots of Matulung (Mahalung) should be taken in equal quantities and wetted with Shivambu to prepare a paste. This paste should be rolled into pea-sized pills. One of these pills should be taken every day, and Shivambu taken after that. If this practice is continued for a month, the practitioner, pre-eminent among the Yogis, will achieve such a purification of his body as to render it free from all ailments. (75, 76, 77)

Powdered seeds of Karanja (Pongamia Glabra), the gum of the Banian tree (Ficus Bengalensis) an a little opium should be mixed and liked every morning, and this should be followed by a drink of Shivambu. The Yogi who follows this practice will in six months acquire the youthfulness of a sixteen-year old boy. He can become invisible when he choose, and can become visible at will. (78, 79)

The juice of the leaves of Kavali should be mixed with the juice of Bhringaraaj leaves, and taken with honey crystal sugar and ghee. The mixture is like a thick paste, and has to be linked. One who takes this mixture regularly will be free from the signs of old age, and his hair will remain back. (80)

White Mustard seeds and Turmeric mixed with both kinds of cumin seeds should be powdered together and taken regularly. This will free one from all signs of old age within a month. (81)

DrumstrIcks, Jatamansi and white Mustard seeds should be powdered mixed with honey and ghee. This should be taken regularly. This practice causes one’s body to become as comely as that of the demi-gods known as Gandharvas. (82)

Kanlanmi (Guggul) a Bhargika (Cleroenron Serrotum) should be powdered and made into a paste by mixing with butter. If this taken regularly with Shivambu, the practitioner acquires a pleasing personality. (83)

The variety of Moss Known as Jalakesar and the seeds of Sapindus Laurifolius should be powdered and mixed with Shivambu. He who takes this mixture regularly acquires the charming personality of the famous king Udayan, the King of the Vatsas, and will not be subject to the process of aging. (84)

O Goddess, if the Yogi takes Nasya (cleans his nasal passages) with Shivambu every morning, he will be cured of all the three humors kapha (phlegm), Vaata (Air), and pitta (Bile) His appetite will be stimulated, and if his body is weak, it will be greatly strengthened. (85)

If the practitioner of the system massages his body thrice during the day and thrice during   the night with Shivambu, Longley will be conferred upon him. (86)

If he massages his body with Shivambu three times in every period  of a day and night (24 hours) he will be strong in his and in all the joints of the body he will constantly be in a    state of ecstatic happiness, he will always have friendly feelings for all, and his body  shine with a golden luster. (87)

Even if he drinks Shivambu only once a day and massages his body with it ones a day, he becomes capable of great exploits. If this practice is followed for three years his body will acquire radiance he will become the master of all arts and science, he will acquire veracity and felicity of speech and he will live so long as the moon and the stars continue to exist. (88, 89)

And now, O Goddess, I shall expound the various practices to be followed building each of the six seasons. The Yogi who adopts practice as described mean, will not be troubled by diseases. (90)

O Parvati! During the spring powdered Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) should be taken honey; and similarly powdered dry ginger should be taken with honey this should be followed by a drink off Shivambu. This practice will assuredly free one from twenty disorders caused by excess of Kapha (Phlegm), forty disorders caused by excess of Pitta (Bile), and the disorders caused by excess of Vata (Air). (91, 92)

And O Great Goddess! Bitter and pungent food should be avoided during the spring. This will ensure the proper nourishment development of all the limbs. (93)

O great Goddess! During the summer equal quantities of powdered Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and peeper (Piper Longum) should be taken with jiggery, and this should be followed by a drink of Shivambu.  This will restore the body to its normal state, cure all diseases, confer acuity of vision and lightness of the body, and bestow upon the practitioner the capability of travelling through the air. (95)

During the rainy season (around July – August), powdered Haritik (Terminalia Chebula)    should be taken with powdered roots of people (Piper Longum) and Saindhav salt. After that Shivambu should be drunk.   The Yogi who follows this practice will become free from diseases and his body will become radiant if he takes the powder along with milk he will not be consumed by, or even         touched by fire. (96, 97)

During the Sharad season (September- October)  powdered  Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula), powdered fruits of Terminalia Belavica, and powered  crystal sugar mixed  together should be taken, and drink of Shivambu taken after that This practice will purify  the body free from diseases, and impart  the capability of very quick motion over the  ground and O, Consort  of the chief among the Gods,  all the attainments conferred  by Yoga will be acquired in a very short period. (98, 99)

During the Hemanta season (November- December) powdered dry ginger powdered amvla (fruit of Phylonthus Emblica) and powdered Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) should be mixed together and taken before drinking Shivambu. The Yogi who follows this practice becomes free from all diseases. All disorders resulting from abnormalities of body fluids are corrected. Sharpness of vision is improved felicitous speech and knowledge of all science is acquired without any effort. (102)

During the Shishir season (January February)  mixed powered of peeper (piper Longum)   roots  Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and dry ginger should be taken before drinking Shivambu this purifies  the body, confers the strength of hundred elephants and, prevents the ravages of old age. The practitioner becomes omniscient, and the object of affection of all living entities.  (103)

O, Goddess during the period of the regular ingestion and Shivambu one must sedulously abjure  the following:  Vegetables consisting either of leaves or of flowers grams and pulses such as Kodra, Horse grams, Lentils Black Grams etc:   cereals that are likely to cause flatulence; pungent, sharp, bitter, salty and sour foods; sexual intercourse. Avoidance of all these will help the success of Yogic practices. Any relaxation of this abstinence is likely to cause harm. (104, 105, 106)

O Dear one! I have expounded the therapeutic system called Shivambu Kalpa to you u this is secret knowledge that is to be sedulously guarded. It should not be imparted to all and sundry (but only to the deserving). (107)

Here ends the discussion of Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi,as expounded in the Damar Tantra.

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