How to Practice the Amaroli Kriya ?


The Shivambu chikitsa is a system which seeks to enhance and promote the body’s natural inherent self-healing mechanism. The practice of AUT therefore may range over a wide spectrum of treatment modalities. With integrated approach, AUT may be defined as an art of living and healing which deals about prevention and treatment of various physical and mental diseases by internal and external application of urine in various forms using its versatile, physical and chemical properties without interfering the body’s natural healing process.

              Shivambu Naturopathy & Yoga Ashram at Anandkunj is a pioneering institute endowed with multi-therapy facilities where practical methods of AUT are developed and evolved after years of experience. After many trials and experimentation, three phase integrated AUT treatment pattern is developed; to be applicable at three stages: Eliminative Phase, Smoothening Phase and Reconstructive Phase for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation at physical, pranic and mental planes of human existence. Thus Shivambu Chikista is used for the maintenance of the existing health (Prevention) for attainment of the lost health (treatment) and for repair of disability (rehabilitation).


Primarily in this phase, all those treatments are given which facilitate the process of detoxification and purification of the body. The duration of this phase may last 3 days or 7 days or 14 days or more, depending on disease condition and patients physical and vital constitution.

              Commonly prescribed eliminative treatments are – Complete urine fasting, Auto-urine enema or cow urine enema, Full body massage by matured urine,
Therapeutic sun bath, Shivambu Nasyapanam, Shivambu girdle pack, Shivambu Vaman Kriya or Kunjal, Gomutrapanam (Cow urine drinking – dose depend of patients weight). Other complimentary eliminative treatments like steam bath, various types of hip baths, and other modalities of Alternative medicine.
All these about stated treatments are given almost every day during this phase. Specific treatments may not be given in certain conditions if found contraindicated.

Shivambu Fasting:

It is complete voluntary abstinence from food expect water and Shivambu. Therefore it demands total physiological and psychological rest. Emphasis is given on total urine and adequate water drinking. Auto-urine enema (or cow urine drinking) is very useful to clean the intestine. Generally fasting is continued until complete body purification is sought. The purification is confirmed by clean uncoated tongue, disappearance of foul breath and clean watery motions. Interestingly during Shivambu fasting appetite is not felt.

Urine Massage:

In Damar-Tantra the urine is asked to a boil and make it concentrated to its one fourth quantity in earthen pot and then matured urine is recommended for massage. Keeping these guidelines in mind at SYNC Urine is commonly stored and reduced to its ¼th quantity by charging it under different color rays (blue, green, yellow, orange & red) n solar cooker for several days ( 21 or 48 or 108 days) The urine is stored in earthen or copper pots. Later this charged matured urine is filtered by line fold cotton cloth and then used for massage. For lubrication certain medicated oils are also mixed. Generally massage solutions are prepared in following proportions…

In hot season

Old urine 75%

Sesame Oil 25%

Camphor 2-3 pieces

In cold season

Old Urine 70%

Mustard Oil 30%

Camphor 2-3 pieces

In skin ailments

Old Urine 70%

Neem Oil 30%

Camphor 2-3 pieces

            In certain disorders the matured urine is mixed with extracts of some herbs in specific proportions.

The massage movements and manipulations (friction, stroking, kneading, hacking etc.) are performed in such a way that peripheral systemic circulation is stimulated and venous and lymphatic drainage is improved. Massage is a passive exercise hence in chronic patients with lowered vitality; massage should be done very smoothly.

Shivambu Mud Packs:

Ant hill soil and urine is mixed and mud packs of 9″ x 12″ x 1″ size are prepared. During fasting these cold mud packs are applied over the lower abdomen         (covering hypo gastric and pelvic area) Similar mud packs of small size (2″ x 4″ x1″) are applied over the forehead. Ideal timing for application of these packs is early morning and afternoon. The application is applied for 20 – 30 min. During night in some patients hot mud pack of similar size is applied over the abdomen or affected part of body.

Shivambu Kriya:

Kriya form an important component of Shivambu Kalpa. The flow of Prana (Life Energy) to all vital organs of the body is regulated in an orderly manner by practicing these kriyas. Kriya help to purify the nadis, balance and channelize the Prana at subtler levels.

Commonly practiced kriyas are Shivambu Nasya, Neti, Vamana, Basti, Kapalbhanti, Nauli, & Trataka. Amroli Kriya is an advanced technique to be performed by spiritual sadhakas.

In morning after cleaning the mouth and doing certain kriyas, drinking the fresh Urine. All the diseases from birth will disappear.

Amroli is the drinking of midstream, leaving the first for it is too pungent and the last which is useless. He who drinks Amri, suffs it daily and practices Vajroli (Yogic Kriya) is said to be practicing Amroli.


This is the continuation of eliminative phase. The duration of this phase is same as the duration of fasting, 3 or 7 or 14 days. The fasting is gradually broken by liquid diet and eliminative treatments are tapered. Therapeutically, this fast-breaking period is very delicate and important as impatience or hurry in breaking the fast lead to complications. Soothening treatments like massage, mild sun bath, Shivambu packs, compress, hot mud packs, simple yogic asanas, breathing exercises and acupressure are employed in this phase. Patients are encouraged to drink all the Shivambu.

The natural wholesome liquid diet given in this phase is tender coconut water, lemon honey water, butter milk, plain fruit juices, vegetable soups, rice gruel, and porridges of green gram, raggy, jawar. The general physical and psychological rest for conservation of energy and the attitude of Upavasa (dwelling near to God.) is mandatory.


This is also very important phase as it makes effect of earlier treatments everlasting. After complete purification of Deha (body), Prana (vital force)and Manas (mind) by a continuous Shivambu Kalpa, this is the phase of the rejuvenation, reconstruction of body and mind  The dynamically active body energy vital force and mental faculty is balanced by dietetic regimen, certain yama-niyamas ( rules & regulation in life style) physical exercises, prayer and medition. The duration of this phase is about 108 to 21 days. During this period, patient is made to understand and experience what is good for his/her health and made accustom to natural way of living. The emphasis given on Monkey Diet, fresh seasonal natural raw vegetables, fruits, salads, juices, sprouts, soups. The balanced diet of wholesome food items is encouraged.

Urine drinking twice a day (usually after long rest) and complete urine fast (24 hrs) once a week, gives no chance for disease to reoccur. Patients are educated about the root causes of their disease and asked to be away from their risk factors. Apart from these patients are encouraged to follow simple natural lifestyle in conformity with principles and laws of nature.


The above stated treatment pattern is used for all patients with variety of diseases. Some necessary alterations and modifications are done in certain diseases. Following points are commonly seen observation in thousands of patients…


During this phase all the excretory systems of the body are activated and accumulated toxins and morbid substances are expelled out.
In first three days, total intestinal cleansing is achieved. Patient goes for 5 to 10 loose motions every day. Initially stools are seeing loose and then become yellowish watery. Some patients report to have burning sensation around the anus (not piles). This could be due to excretion of toxins and acidic stools. After 4 to 6 days of fasting, some patients pass brownish (not melaena) sticky stools.

These observations are commonly seen in people with pitta and vatta domination. Importantly as elimination is activated, tongue becomes coated and patient feel altered (in some cases) tastes. Later as intestines get totally cleaned tongue becomes clear. Patients with kapha and pitta domination get frequent vomiting. All phlegm from respiratory tract and acidic watery vomitus is expelled out. Initially patients feel nausea, depression and headache. Many times patients feel to discontinue the treatment. Since patients are asked to drink all the urine and adequate water, frequency of urination is seen to be increased (once in every 45 to 60 min).  During Shivambu fasting patient feel no appetite. If patients makes laziness to consume all the urine, immediately weakness and tiredness is experienced. Due to vigorous Shivambu treatments, psychological functions fluctuate rapidly leading to change in mental condition. Some patients feel dull and depressed and some irritated or excited. Few patients feel always sleepy during the fasting.

Physiological effects of Shivambu massage: 

 Medicinal effects of matured urine are very deep.

One would does Shivambu massage thrice in day and night, will live longer.

The joints and body will become strong, firm. He will live in (pranamanda) bliss. O’ Parvati if he does body massage during night, he will attain brightness (Suvarnakaya) and his heart will be stronger.

O’ Maheshani (Parvati), one who will regular body massage, he will become great warrior. Within three years his body will start shining (bright). He will acquire art and knowledge. He will win over speech and will live long healthy life.

 When compared to other massage, after Shivambu massage patient feels light & energetic. It is thought that the salts is matured urine activate and balance the flow of Vayana prana in the body. After massage, one feels centered, calm and tranquil. It is observed that, pranic healer feel easy flow of Prana after Shivambu massage. Various fungal and other skin ailments are found to be disappeared after systematic application of matured urine.

The manipulation and moments (like friction, rolling, kneading, percussion movements etc.) applied by operator have certain mechanical effects on the skin, mechanical emptying of veins and lymphatic. Gentle touch or light massage increases the nerve excitability and prolonged strong manipulations decrease the irritability leading to sedation.  Short and gentle application causes vasoconstriction. Prolonged gentle application causes vaso-dilatation. Strong manipulation cause sudden hyperemia (vasodilatation). Massage improves circulation to skin, muscles and internal organs.  It mobilizes the fat, help for breakdown of adipose tissue.  Secretor glands in the skin are activated and skin becomes smooth and elastic. Skin functions are improved.  The circulation, nerve innervations and nutrition to the muscles is enhanced. Nerve and muscle fatigue is removed.

Psychological effects of fasting:

 In fasting the digestive system get complete rest its all energy is diverted for elimination. As all toxins and disease agents are eliminated, blood and lymph get purified. Patient finds improvement in his complains. All extra fat in the body is reduced and patients feel calm and quit, mind becomes clear. Complete Shivambu fasting for patients with underweight and lowered vitality is not advisable. It is observed that one day fasting per 10kgs. of weight is optimum.

Physiological effects of Shivambu Kriya:

Kriyas are purification procedures removes all the blocks from nadis leading to rhythmic balance flow if Prana in the body. The hypersensitive mucus membrane of respiratory, digestive and ophthalmic tracts is hyposensitized (desensitized) by regular practice of various Yogic Kriyas. The voluntary control can be developed over the reflexes, and all allergies are removed.

If yogi performs Nasya every morning, his kalpha, vatta and pitta diseases will be cured. Appetite will improve. Body will be strong and powerful.


 In this phase, cleaning slows down and tongue, sclera become clear.
 Nail beds, conjunctiva become pink indicating purification of blood, improvement in blood composition. Real hunger is felt by patient. Increased frequency of urination in eliminative phase is decreased, in this phase. Patient gets good sleep.
 By this period most of the patient experience about 60 to 70 percent of improvement in their disease.  Mentally patients feel happy and confident.


 In this phase patient is given the post treatment regimen to be followed at home  During this phase patient find improvement in general health along with the recovery from his/her disease. It is observed, patients who follow prescribed regimen strictly with deep faith, get total cure even from chronic disease. If patient refrain from risk factors of disease and follow life style according to laws and principles of IAUT, very rarely gets relapse of that disease.
 Patient feels energetic and enthusiastic. He finds his physical and mental working efficiency being doubled.

In many patients healing crisis are observed in this phase. The consumption of sacred leaves (like Bel, Tulsi, Neem, Durva, Umber etc.) those are offered to different Gods( in India pooja vidhi) along with Shivambu panam is found to be very effective in chronic diseases.

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