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In existence for many years, the Anandkunj has become a premier integrative health resource for the entire country and beyond. The first of its kind to offer fully developed programs in research, education and patient care, the Anandkunj is meeting the needs of patients who seek a healing-oriented approach to healthcare. Anandkunj is a center for Preventive and Integrative medical care that combines the best of traditional and holistic systems like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Shivambu with Modern Medicine. Anandkunj has a team of experienced practitioners from around the country. For all practitioners the chance to offer quality, integrative care in this healing setting is the realization of a long term goal, actualized through many years of hard work and dedication to this shared vision.

Core Team

Executive Director
Medical Director

Associate Team

It is our mission to integrate the best of all therapeutic modalities in a safe, effective and respectful manner, with the intent to nurture natural healing and promote inner balance and well-being. Our physicians bring a multidisciplinary perspective to health and healing. Educated in conventional medicine, they discovered the power of holistic medicine and now balance the two approaches to improve your quality of life. We offer a dynamic approach to health, healing and prevention by integrating modern medicine with established holistic practices from around the world.

Our vision is to transform the way medicine is practice by:

(i) Conducting rigorous research on integrative and complementary healing practices;
(ii) Educating medical students, health professionals and the public about these practices;
(iii) Creating new integrative models of clinical care that combine modern medicine and established healing practices emphasizing prevention, patient empowerment and whole person healing.

Whether translating science into hope or discovery into care, Anandkunj is advancing holistic health worldwide through activism, education, publications and research. A healthier future requires us to challenge preconceptions and biases about practicing good medicine.

Dr. M.D. Mohire ( MB / MD) Integrative Neurologist
Dr. Reena Dighe (MB / MD) Integrative Pathologist
Dr. Suresh Patil (MBBS / BAMS) Integrative Physician
Dr. Shantanu Kulkarni (MS / FICS / DLS) Integrative Gen. Surgeon
Dr. Ashutosh Chopade (MB / MS) Integrative Onco. Surgeon
Dr. Sachin Patil (MB / DMRD) Integrative Radiologist
Dr. Manjiri Bhusari (MB / DMRD) Integrative Dermatologist
Dr. Abhaykumar Khot (MBBS) Holistic Psychiatrist

Advisory Panel

The following individuals, reflecting a wide range of interests and specialties, have made themselves available to us for many needs, including planning, consultations, intellectual and moral support, publicity, fund-raising, lectures and educational programs. Many of them expressed a willingness to acknowledge their support for the Anandkunj, and for this we are deeply grateful.

Shri Keshavlal Shah Industrialist, Mumbai Shri. Jagdishbhai Shah Editor- Shivambu, Vadodara
Shri. Jagdishbhai Shah Editor- Shivambu, Vadodara Shri Sunil E. Bodas Industrialist, Pune
Shri Surendra Kamat Director, Vidyasagar Classes. Mumbai Shri D. C. Patil Ex-President, Zilla Parishad, Kolhapur
Shri Sanjeev Kulkarni Director, Atmadrshan Shivir, Kolhapur Shri M. K. Ambole Rtd. Labor Commissioner, Mumbai
Shri Rajendra Dahale Dy. Commissioner of Police, Mumbai Shri Chandrakant Patil Senior Artist, Kolhapur
Shri Anil Nanivadekar Architect, Kolhapur Shri Vikrant Naik Contractor & Builder, Kolhapur
Shri Sunil Patil Kalpavruksha Earth Movers, Jaysingpur Shri Arvind Nanivadekar Agriculturist, Kolhapur
Dr. Satish Patil M.B, M.S., L.L.B., Kolhapur Dr. Naveen K. V. B.N.Y.S.,Ph.D., Bangalore
Dr. B. V. Khare M.B., M.S., Uroligist, Mumbai Dr. Manjunath Sharma B.N.Y.S., Ph.D., Banglore
Dr. Jagdeep Shah M.D., D.G.O., M.C.P.S., Mumbai Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi M.D. (Ayurveda) Mumbai
Dr. Nanubhai Dalwadi M.B.B.S., Mumbai Shri G. B. Hiremath Chartered Accountant, Kolhapur
Shri Vikrant Naik Contractor & Builder, Kolhapur Shri Sunil Khardikar Director, Khardikar Classes, Mumbai
Shri. R. B. Patil Manager, Debons, Jaysingpur

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Dr. Sarang Patil : 9423041265

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