Admissions & Bookings

    • Prior to admission at Anandkunj for treatment, one needs to consult our specialist physicians over phone or by mail or in person.
    • During the consultation the patient is expected to share and present all earlier medical history and reports of investigations.
    • After evaluating the physical vitality and psychological preparedness of the patient, possible available dates for admission are given.
    • Then the patient is asked to book his admission-date with our front-desk personal and then design the travel-itinerary accordingly.
    • Amroli, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda are the ancient systems of holistic living and healing. Therefore it is important to understand and study the theory and principles of their application. This helps to enhance the will-power, commitment, awareness towards attaining holistic health.
    • At Anandkunj there is good facility of accommodation, diet and all treatments. For accommodation, necessary mattresses, linen, blankets etc are provided however patients and their attendants may bring their own bed-sheets. Everyone is expected to bring their own sufficient clothing appropriate for in-house wearing and for treatments and yoga practice sessions. One must bring necessary traveling, bathing and sanitary kit sufficient for their stay. The facility of food and accommodation for attendants is available at additional charges.
    • The fee for various treatment programs is collected in the form of specific donations. For latest information please contact our front desk personnel.
    • All patients are advised not to bring any valuables or ornaments; if you have any extra money, you may deposit it in the office.
    • Foreign guests, please make sure you have fulfilled your visa requirements.
  • Kolhapur is a historical city situated in the western region of Maharashtra state. From any city in India, one can easily reach Kolhapur by road or by rail or even by air. The trains arriving from northern parts of country come via Pune whereas the trains arriving from southern parts of country come via Belgaum or Miraj. Anandkunj is situated west to Kolhapur city in Shahuwadi tahasil on a beautiful hill top of Karanjphen village. The thirty acres of lush-green campus of Anandkunj is on banks of river – Kasari.

  • Anandkunj is about 50 kms from Kolhapur railway station. You can go to Anandkunj by bus or auto-riksha or by taxi.

    For reliable auto-riksha you may contact Mahesh : 9922771466

    For reliable taxi you may contact Babalu : 9011609944

    For bus you may contact Rankala Bus Stand : 0231 – 2543330

  • Since the awareness of being healthy is growing, always you need to book the admission at least one month in advance for all types of accommodation, and wait for confirmation to come from our front office Reservation Department.  

  • Everyone is expected to bring their own sufficient clothing appropriate for in-house wearing and for treatments and yoga sessions. One must bring necessary traveling & sanitary kit, bathing towels sufficient for their stay. All patients have to bring all earlier diagnostic reports and summaries of earlier treatments and medicines. All patients should bring the necessary stock of all presently ongoing drugs and medicines. Mobile phones are not allowed in the therapy area. We prefer you to limit usage of mobile phones and laptops. Presently only BSNL mobile has wide range in the campus.  One may any favorite calming music with a player. Warm clothing would be required during the months of November to February. Patients who are below age of 18 years and above 60 years, and who are physically or psychologically dependent; with them a responsible attendant is imperative. And finally most important – bring along strong hope and faith – it hastens your healing process.

  • All patients are expected to arrive on first day before check-in time of 11:00 AM, so that one can participate in all treatments of that day.  Generally the check-out time is 1:30 PM on last day of treatment.

  • Guests are always welcome to come and see the campus but if they have to stay at campus without purpose then it becomes a pressure on our limited infrastructure which has been built especially for patients. Moreover, some create indiscipline and misuse the facilities provided for the patients only. Hence we do not encourage patients bringing guests, except in essential case.  The patients, who are physically dependent and severely ill, need to bring one responsible care-taker attendant along with them.

  • The campus has its own sanctity and tranquility. Such traffic may disturb patients who are walking along the roads as part of their exercise or resting in their rooms. Hence, vehicles are not permitted inside the campus. 

  • The Institute has made arrangement for travel agent (Ganesh Travels: 0231-2548375, 9890163670) whose office is in Kolhapur city; however he could be approached over phone for booking air/train tickets at any time.

  • By giving donation, join us in Creating the Future. The ‘Anandkunj Holistic Health Home’ is poised to make a significant impact in the field of integrative medicine. Your investment will help us create a more healing environment, achieve greater quality of life for patients, and develop a more effective health care system for our country. Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy are the traditional healing methods, which were preached and preached by Mahatma Gandhi and many spiritual leaders.

    Right now there is an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in how medicine is practiced in the India. The field of integrative and holistic medicine is still young. ANANDKUNJ is one of the most respected academic medical centers embarking on this groundbreaking work.  As a result, philanthropic support of integrative medicine at ANANDKUNJ can have a very significant impact on the success of the entire field. We are successful in providing the best Holistic Medical Care to all people at very reasonable and affordable expense. The poor and indigent patients are treated absolutely free of charge ay Anandkunj.

    ANANDKUNJ’s commitment to thinking “outside the box” has created an exciting opportunity to study integrative medicine in a scientifically rigorous, open-minded and unbiased manner; to bridge the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine in a holistic medicine practice setting.

    In order to achieve our ambitious three-fold program of research, education and patient care, we need philanthropic partners and donors. We welcome and encourage your participation in this exciting venture.

    By contributing to the Anandkunj Center for Integrative Medicine, you will have the opportunity to join with ANANDKUNJ faculty to help shape the future of health care. From this partnership will come improved treatments, innovative methods of healing, and new ways to prevent and treat disease. We are of faith that, with your help and cooperation we will be in position to wipe the tears of needy and helpless. For information about donations, pledges or naming opportunities please contact Dr. Nitin Patil or call +91-9423044218.

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