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Shivambu Health Research Institute is working with humanitarian objectives since last many years. The multidimensional activities like health care services, health education, research and health awareness (through outreach activities and publications) programs are being conducted by SHRI with missionary zeal.

The journey of this mission had its inception in year 1974 at Kolhapur. Shivambu Yoga and Nature Cure Center a thirty bedded indoor hospital of Shivambu, Yoga and Naturopathy was founded by honorable Dr. Shashi Patil, President – Shivambu Health Research Institute (SHRI), a versatile personality with pursuit of uplifting the mankind by service and compassion. In spite, there was no awareness in those days about these natural modalities like Shivambu, yoga and naturopathy in the society, he with the ability of his resourceful personality motivated and treated thousands of patients suffering from different diseases.

The Center has accomplished many achievements and milestones since its founding. Due to the dedicated efforts, determined perseverance, and the results shown to patients and medical community; this Center became guiding force for the people who want the effective treatment and for students who want to learn these drugless and harmless therapies.

The privilege of authentic institute came to our way when former Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Morarajibhai Desai acknowledged the activities of this center and personally visited this center on 19th December 1981. Late Shri Desai was profound propagator and follower of Yoga, Naturopathy and Amroli Chikistsa. Often he consulted and took treatments from Dr. Shashi Patil.

Later in November 1990 recognition of our status as pioneers in Amroli (a yogic kriya) and Natural medicine came when Government of Romania invited the founder of this Institute for treatment of cancer patients as official guest.

This work has been appreciated and recognized by many social and governmental organizations and have facilitated Honorable Dr. Shashi Patil and this center by various awards.

As the treatment combinations & therapeutic plans devised by Dr. Shashi Patil were found effective and useful many experts in filed and well-wishers suggested for bigger project and campus. Since beginning Dr. Patil was motivated and inspired by the Principle ‘To Serve Man is to Serve God’, preached and practiced by spiritual and social masters like Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave and Baba Amte. And from there the dream of Anandkunj was conceived and then nurtured.

This selfless mission received further impetus when his both son’s perceived and shared Dr. Patil’s vision and joined him wholeheartedly breaking their back-bridges. In year 1995 Dr. Sarang Patil, his second son joined him after completion of his medical degree in Yoga and Naturopathy. In year 2000, Dr. Nitin Patil his first son, took an active role, leaving his dynamic position in Indian Air Force.

The search for ideal location came to an end when 30 acres of beautiful hill, surrounded with abundant and pure Nature was purchased by Trust in year 2005. The land is situated on banks of river Kasari, the one among five rivers of Panchganga. In first phase, the excavation for approach road & its construction, laying of five inch big water pipeline scheme from river, construction of huge water storage tanks and laying of L.T. electrical line was completed under the guidance of expert team.

The architectural layout, landscapes and plans were designed and actual construction work started in year 2006. Initially the friends, well-wishers and cured patients of Dr. Patil gave their support and donations were raised through Anandkunj Sahayogi Scheme. On the auspicious day of 26 January 2008, the Anandkunj was officially inaugurated with a grand function. There was a huge gathering of all new and old patients and well-wishers of Anandkunj.

Today as internationally known – vital force – in evidence based Holistic Medicine, education and research; Anandkunj offers highest quality treatment and training in various modalities of Integrative Medicine. At this center the students, physicians, experts and researchers gather to expand the frontiers of Holistic modalities and understanding of healing. Anandkunj invites and welcomes all like-minded and devoted people to join our mission as life members.

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