Shivambu Saved from Leg Amputation

I am Mr. Narayan Pol, a 28 years old tractor mechanic meet with an accident that caused a huge ulcerative wound on my left leg. I tried all possible modern conventional therapies up to skin grafting. There was no sign of healing of wound even after spending 1 to 1.5 Lakhs rupees. Finally I was advised for leg amputation.

I was told by various people about the wonderful healing properties of auto-urine therapy, and alternative therapies. Finally my father took me to the Shivambu Center in Kolhapur and admitted me for a period of one month. I all followed all the treatments religiously including balanced diet and nutrition. The results are miraculous. Now my non- healing wound is completely healed and the locked calcified left knee joint is totally freed. Now I can ride bicycle and have returned to work as before.

Mr. Narayan Pol

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