Shivambu helped for Diabetes & Hypertension

From long time I was dreaming this; that somebody takes care of me (and my health problems) in a so loving, effective and complete way. I am from Italy, I have diabetes since childhood and in these last three years (I am now 50 years old) my condition has become more serious and I also have high-blood-pressure and problems in the arteries of my both legs.

This therapy has been very good for me that my blood pressure is now normal, the sugar in blood has become less and I feel much more energetic and happy. I believe that I can improve more with Shivambu and following the wise advises I received here. It has been wonderful for me to know this ancient healing method that appears to me like art, so I will use it for myself and I will try to suggest it to others. This is for me once more the proof that mother India is the root of the world.

Laura Archittu
1006, Giovani, Italy

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