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My ten days stay was very nice and well taken care. Without going too far I felt like ‘Alice in the wonderful world’. Thanks God, I don’t have big problem with my health, as many people I also felt depressed from time to time, so I decided to see urine-therapy as purification process.

In my opinion, this process of Amroli is the best way to know and understand our own body, the feelings and emotions it contains and the kind of food it needs. I feel Shivambu not only heals the outer (physical) disorders but helps to balance the inner (psycho-emotional) fluctuations. From now I will thank my body for the magical power of water. The best thing of this therapy is that it not only eliminates the symptoms, but also works on the root cause.

Lucia Spadaro
Via F. Anzani, 2, Nilano, Italy

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