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Very sweet and helpful people are working here. Every one of you, thank you so much for your sweetness. This is my first trip to India. In Anandkunj I really got to see the great Indian culture and I got to meet the Indian people (the patients and workers). This has been very sweet and I will miss everyone when I leave tomorrow. I have the trouble of optic neuritis and cervical hyperplasia. I took ten days of intensive integrated treatments and hope this have very positive effect on my disease. The natural treatments given here are very nice especially the mud packs and every day massage. The fast have been very tough and very cleansing for me. I hope I will continue to discover good health benefits for my optic nerve and for my body in general. I thank the Patil family for open hearted kindness; it has been beautiful to meet you. You have been always here and with loving kindness solved every possible problem.

Dorthe Wolft Sorensen

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