Recovering from Cancer

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to have Shivambu treatment here at this center. I got here due to my guru Amma’s grace knowing nothing about urine therapy. I asked Amma when she was visiting the USA if there was anything I could do to help myself as my forth stage cancer (breast cancer with metastasis in bones) was spreading even with continues radiation, other drugs and my doctors now wanted to operate again, start chemo and continue radiation. She said to come to India; she would do a Sankalpa for me to put sandalwood (blessed) on my forehead and feet every night. I did so, when I got to her Ashram in Kerala, India. Her devotees told me about Shivambu, gave me books and the phone numbers and addresses of three places I could go. The kind man in the Ashram’s STD booth found an updated number for me, called and arranged everything for me and helped with the transportation. When I got here saw the picture of Dr. Shashi Patil, I knew I was with people I could trust. The atmosphere (vibrations) at the Institute are wonderful. It’s a beautiful place; the countryside is lovely, everyone who has part in your treatment is warm, thoughtful and caring and wear beautiful clothes that are cheerful to look at.

The fasting was not that difficult. I never got hungry. Immediately my cough got 95% better. My arthritis pain disappeared; my spine went in to alignment. The ache (chronic) in my neck was gone. The visible cancer on my chest was gone within 21 days. I went through a period of itching and boil as they came out, but left looking and feeling so much better, so much more energy. I went to a Tibetian Ayurvedic doctor who said my pulse was very good and he could guarantee I was at least 90-95 percent recovered if not 100 percent. I don’t feel sick at all, my energy, stamina are so much better, I don’t get out of breath going up hills and stairs like I used to. The digestion is almost normal. I feel great and looking forward to getting a PET scan. A very grateful & happy person.

Annette Rainbo Bachich
California, USA

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