Practice of Yoga Therapy

  • Right Posture – Asanas: A set of cultural, relaxing and meditative postures that tone up the muscles and internal organs, revitalize the system, create overall awareness of the body and its function and help tranquilize the mind. They also energize and stimulate the body’s major endocrine glands. And by toning up the internal organs, they also prevent and cure many an illness.
  • Right Breathing – Pranayama: A set of simple breathing techniques that slowdown, normalize and balance the breathing while simultaneously exercising subtle influences on the entire system.
  • Right Cleansing – Kriyas: A set of easy and effortless hygienic procedures that draw the attention to the affected areas and buttress the body’s own cleansing mechanisms.
  • Right Diet : Balanced Yogic Diet: Most, of not all, illnesses are in some way linked to wrong food habits. A slight modification in dietary habits can rehabilitate the entire system.
  • Right Relaxation : Shavasana: A relaxing asana done several times as part of the Yoga program. A process designed to soothe both mind and body. Yoga holds that tension is dis-ease (i.e. a state if unease) and relaxation is health. To this end the whole eightfold path of Yoga is to purify the body mind complex.
  • Right Mindset : Meditation: Meditation is a technique used to stabilize the mind, increase inner awareness and will power, balance cellular and chakra energy and develop one-pointed mindfulness.

All these, if performed together and consistently, help rid oneself of a variety of psychosomatic disorders. This is why; when a yoga therapy session designed for any disease, it must include all these practices. They help eliminate the aggravated toxins from the system, balance the tri-doshas and restore the essential biochemical homeostasis in the affected organs.

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