Neither in America nor England ; it Happened in Anandkunj - Reversal of Heart Blocks

A constant itching and pain all over body disturbed Mrs. Sarojini Jirge for many years. She was immobile due to severe pain in the joints of spine, knees wrists, pelvic muscles and periodical cramps and stiffness in all joints.

Interestingly, her son being pharmacist, from her own medical shop she was feed on high doses of drugs and variety of tablets. As a result, her digestive system was totally disturbed which lead to severe constipation and hyperacidity. It went to such an extent that even 4-5 tablets of Dulcolax were insufficient to cleanse her bowels.
A lot of medical therapies were recommended, including heavy doses of calcium for her deficiency as well as many others. Finally through a long series of investigations, doctors explained that the arresting of blood circulation was due to a kind of arteriosclerosis, obviously non-operable. She became depressed after knowing that any treatment attempt would be just a waste of time and money.
Untreatable with conventional medicine, one day a friend from ‘The Ladies Club’ persuaded her to go for an alternative treatment method: the SHIVAMBU – AUTO URINE THERAPY. Having prepared her mind she was admitted to the Shivambu Center for 10 days where the treatments were planned for detoxification and immunity boost.
In her 10 days treatment period she underwent fasting on her own urine and plain water for 6 days. She almost had 4 or 5 motions in a day and used to vomit 1or 2 times after consuming one glass of cow-urine. She also practiced Yoga and took other naturopathic treatments.
In ten days she experienced a wonderful change in her constipation, and was relieved from all aches and pains. At home she continued the suggested follow-up treatments for six months (resulting in beneficial weight loss) along with sunbath, morning yoga, massages and walking. With ease she is now walking around the neighborhood.
This was a rejuvenating experience and a recovery from arteriosclerotic blockages. A color Doppler study done recently revealed astonishing reversal in all her coronary and aortic blockages. We are thankful to auto-urine-therapy.

Sarojini Jirge

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