My Own Perfect Medicine

I am very lucky as the direction of my life is always changing due to meeting right at the right place at the right time. I learned about Shivambu Center from Dr. Sarang Patil at his lecture on Yoga & Health. I have always been interested in naturopathy but using my own inner medicine sounded much more inspiring – anytime anywhere. It is always available for free! So I found 10 days to spend in the Center and this decision will definitely influence all my future and daily routine. Here with the help of very attentive professionals I have realized how important it is to be close to nature, I have learned a lot about my own constitution, about the reasons of some disorders and the ways of healing them.

My sincere gratitude to you all, for giving people new attitude to life and even new life to people who were indicated as gone cases by allopathic doctors. You are doing miracles! As for myself, I will do my best to use the knowledge I gained here to improve my own health and increase my spiritual growth. I hope the local government will pay appropriate attention to your Institution and will help you to grow. So you can help more people. My best wishes to you, thank you!

Zoia Riabova

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