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  • We believe in the principles of Nature that human body has sufficient capacity to avoid diseases from within. Along with yoga and naturopathic treatments, any types of medicines particularly pharmaceutical drugs are discouraged. However, those patients, who are medicine dependents, can consume them as per guidance of our doctors, who under their careful observation will taper such medicines and ultimately make them lead a healthy life without medicines.

  • Therapeutic fasting is not starvation. Fasting is a constructive treatment which helps to excrete harmful toxins that cause disease in the body. Actually nobody feels weak while fasting; it is the thought of fasting makes you weak. Off-course, the first two days of fast are bit difficult as the body has to tune its system. From the third day onwards, in most of the cases, changes take place and the body starts using stored fat for its energy needs.


  • Auto-Urine Therapy which is traditionally known as Amroli or Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi in ancient yoga and ayurveda is not compulsory to anyone and in-fact all treatments at Anandkunj are optional and every patient has freedom of choice.  Nevertheless since we have pioneering expertise and vast experience of successfully treating various chronic conditions with the integrated use of this therapy we enthusiastically encourage its use.

  • At Anandkunj patients come here for both weight reduction as well as for weight gain. Various naturopathic and yogic treatments help to improve digestive and assimilative capacity leading further for weight gain and stable physical constitution.

  • If there are no chronic conditions and severe symptoms of diseases, ten days are sufficient to detoxify the system. It is not possible to cure the longstanding diseases within a short period of ten days. Depending upon the condition of the patient, his symptoms, vitality etc it may take anytime between 15- 40 days. Holistic healing is not a miracle. A chronic disease takes its own time to show up all its classical symptoms. Body has to be given sufficient time to recuperate from the damage caused.

  • Yes, the water supplied for drinking purposes is treated as per the standards of Public Health Department. We have supply of water from the river as well as from bore well.  The samples are tested in laboratories on regular intervals in order to maintain the quality of water.  The bottled water is also provided as per demand at extra charges.

  • Naturopathy and Yoga are way of life. It is not we, but Natural principles demands strictness. Yoga and Naturopathy believes in a highly disciplined way of living and discipline cannot be achieved without being strict and firm. In fact, it is the strictness & discipline which we consider as significant aspect of our therapy. All these are made only in the interest of the patients and their well being. We hope you will understand and co-operate.

  • Poison is always poisonous, and once you know it is slow poison it should be stopped then and there. Tea, coffee, smoking, tobacco, alcohol are not the basic needs of the human body such as food and sleep but are the acquired habits. On the path of health we must remove all the hurdles as early as possible

  • Yes, our Dietitians give demonstration of the preparation of food, juices, salads and other varieties once in a week at Diet Center so that it helps the patients to prepare the same at home.

    At Anandkunj we have 30 acres of land where the facilities are available to organically cultivate various types of vegetables, fruits and grains. Also we have a dairy farm with breed of traditional Indian cows.

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