Bypassed the Bypass Surgery

Mr. Tukaram Kamble, 65 years old got a heart attack and was admitted to a very reputed heart hospital in Mumbai. After lying for eight long days in ICU, an Angiography was done, and three complicated blockages were observed.

He was totally depressed because he was persuaded to have surgery done, which required a minimum expenditure of 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees. Then he approached a unique healing center in Kolhapur, Shivambu Bhavan, where there is a belief: “The universe goes on giving us gifts and blessings, but we often miss them”. He began auto urine therapy, a therapy proven to be less toxic than the therapeutic use of drugs and hormones. Some incredible changes occurred, and results started to show. He started walking longer distance without any distress. There was no more heart dis-ease but heart-ease, and that too without surgery.

He encourages everyone to try a glass of Shivambu – a method based on natural principles. He has inspired hundreds, thousands of people and feels everyone should practice this effective and inexpensive tonic instead of going for expensive modern medicines. He has also tried to pursue Honorable Health Minister in this regard.

He recommends the Shivambu Center in Kolhapur which successfully treats cancer, diabetes, asthma, cardiac disorders, and helps patients heal from many other illnesses; as a new hope, a new life especially for the common people.

Mr. Tukaram Kamble

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