Boost to my Immunity

It was a wonderful experience to stay here. I and my friend felt very much at home. Everyone was taking care of us and with such a warm heart, which I have never seen before in a Hospital! Being here showed me the importance to be close with the Nature and how powerful Nature’s healing potential is.

Coming into contact with urine-therapy and having the opportunity to read a book about it, gave me a surprising new vision of the healing potentials within each of us. It was very inspiring to be taking care of not only on physical level but also spiritually with the prayer and chanting in the evening. The therapy program was very complete and holistic, everything included for my feeling. I feel this regimen has given a boost to my immunity. It showed me a new way, how to take care of myself very healthily. Thank you everyone

Janina Prossonsky
Dresoener Strasse, 125, 10999-Berlin, Germany.

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