Anandkunj is an Excellent Example

I am very impressed and completely convinced of the Nature oriented Shivambu therapies with all the complementary treatments such as acupressure, sun-bath, mud-packs, massage, magnet therapy etc which are integrated given here. I find it such an important approach to treat diseases in a natural way and this treatment is not just the most natural one but also a very effective one. I am amazed about the incredible results and it is wonderful that they are able to help so many very ill people.

What is more, I find it so important that here they are not just improving our physical health but also our mental and spiritual health through yoga, pranayam and satsang. This holistic approach to cure someone is what is missing in all western hospitals and health centers. The Shivambu Health Research Institute is really an excellent example their message and philosophy has to spread to other places. I will do my best to support them. Thank you very much for everything!

Andrea Bleiker
Allmendstrasse, 43, 8180, Bielach, Switzerland

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