Story of Ulcerative Colitis - an Agony

I am Mrs. Anjana Mahesh Bhalodia, a resident of Sangli, was suffering from severe blood mixed loose motions which gradually increased day by day. I was admitted to a very reputed hospital in Sangli, and after an endoscopy examination, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Fed up with the failure of all the medical systems and therapies there, I entered a unique Health Center in Kolhapur – Shivambu Bhavan – a revolutionary health center to combat all diseases. There, with regulated diet, naturopathic treatments and off-course Auto-urine therapy, I am now completely cured. My weight has increased from 24 Kg to 48 Kg.

Now, I am perfectly all right, immersed in my daily routine as before. Thanks for giving me new vigor, strength and peace.

Mrs. Anjana Mahesh Bhalodia
Sangli, India

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