I Found a Perfect Medicine

Very deep gratitude to everyone here, at Shivambu Center, for their amazing devotion, great skill and unsuppressed authenticity. The positive vibrations, the health and happiness that emanate from everyone is truly inspiring.

I heard about auto-urine-therapy three years ago, at a seminar on ‘Self help health care’. I felt totally impelled to find out this medicine. I feel how strange it is that on one side people ridicule about using the water flowing from their own body for healing and other side they easily and willingly consume nicely packed chemical drugs every day without question.
I came here with many aches and pains all over body, especially a shoulder and neck injury of 40 years duration. The shoulder pain is 90 percent gone now after 21 days of program, that included seven days fasting, daily massage, acupressure, steam and mud treatments, compresses, daily yoga and breathing exercises. I also came with years of pain and stagnation in middle region of the body, with digestive difficulties as well as high cholesterol levels. These problems are also 80-90 percent resolved.
Coming to this center is the highlight of many years of experimentation and research into alternative natural health, and I feel I have found at last the ‘Perfect Medicine’.

Juniper Elizabeth Lavine
3005, Rochester, MN, USA

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