80 Percent Improvement in my Skin Cancer Lesions.

I arrived at the Shivambu Center with hope of helping to improve my skin. I had skin cancer lesions on my forehead for the last 10 years; I have tried many oils and salves to improve the condition. They only helped a little. After 10 days I can say my forehead is best it has been in 10 years. I would say an improvement of 80 percent. I found the staff and therapists at the clinic to be professional and kind. The program was well prepared as it was easy to just follow along. I fasted on urine for six days and was never really weak and able to function normally. I lost 5kg in the 10 days. I will take this information with me and use it the rest of my life. Be Well.

John Wood
N.D.,Uenice, CA, USA

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